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The Candy Shop War
by Brandon Mull

best book EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want everyone to read it! The best in a 500 gazzillion!!!!!!

Locke And Key
by Ridley Pearson

It isen't that interesting.

Cam Jansen And The Mystery At The Haunted House
by David A. Adler and Susanna Natti

I loved this book it was funny and a bit spooky. Yes, I do recommend this book.

Cam Jansen And The Chocolate Fudge Mystery
by David A. Adler illustrated by Susanna Natti

I give this book 4 stars because it is interesting and mysterious. I have read better but I do like this one a lot. I do recommend this book.

The mystery at the crooked house
by Gertrude Chandler Warner The Boxcar Children Books

I love this book so much that it just leaves me at the end of my seat. I totally give this book 5 stars and I would anytime. I definitely recommend this book.

Mr. Louie Is Screwy
by Dan Gutman

This book was very silly and very funny. I love the book it is awesome. I definitely give this book 5 stars. I totally recommend this book.

The Mystery Of The Chattering Bones
by Gertrude Chandler Warner The Boxcar Children Books

I give this book only 2 stars because to me it was a bit boring. I usually love mysteries but this book didn't thrill me at all. I do not recommend this book.

The Mummy Lives
by Mary Labatt

I liked the book a lot because the story is very mysterious, silly, and a bit freaky but I did like the book a lot. I do recommend The Mummy lives.

Reaching For The Moon
by Buzz Aldrin

its a really good book

I Can Be Anything
by Scholastic Books

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